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Welcome to community! If you want to add more than one link to social media profiles, or you need a place to house all your links, you are at the right place.

This article will guide you through some basic steps to create a link in bio for Instagram, TikTok, and use your We cannot wait to see your design that shows your personality.

Now, let’s get started!

Create a account

Navigate to official website, and then click ‘sign up’:

Choose login type. You can directly log in with Google or Facebook account. Otherwise, type in email address and password to register.
Once you successfully log in, you will see a quick start to set up your page.
Step 1: If you register with Facebook or Google, your profile title will be the username of the associated account. However, you can manually change it to any other names in this step. The profile title is the name right below your profile picture in your page.
Step 2: This is the step for you to quickly add some social icons including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, and Email. These are optional and you can always edit icons later. Please not that your email icon has been automatically filled based on the signup information.
Step 3: Here you can pick a default theme. Currently there are three free themes for you to choose. Select one and you can change to other themes later under ‘Appearance’ — ‘Layout’.
Congrats! Now you have successfully set your up!

How do you add links and icons?

Ready to explore After you successfully logging in, under address bar you will see:

  • Links: where you can manage links and social icons
  • Appearance: where you can edit profile info, and page layout
  • Statistics: see detailed data of your links for your analysis
  • Settings: where you can integrate analytical tools and other functions
  • Upgrade: get upgraded to Pro plan

Go to ‘LINKS’ à ‘ADD NEW LINK’, start adding links by entering a link title and URL. You can add as many links as you need. Make the most of the functions by inserting pictures, and using ‘Highlight’ or ‘Pin to the top’ functions. If you are a Pro member, you are also able to schedule links and categorize your links by adding groups.

By the same token, you can add icons to your page. supports multiple third-party accounts to log in that can be achieved by adding icons to your page. When your audiences click on icons, it will take them to your social profiles immediately and make it easier for them to reach out to you.

Also, if you are editing using desktop, you will see a real-time interface that allows you to visualize all the changes immediately. Managing your is just as simple as that.

Update avatar and theme

Projects come and go, but they can live on through As you constantly update link URL or icon, you may want to update avatar or page theme to match your content. This can be easily achieved by editing ‘APPEARANCE’.

Under ‘APPEARANCE’ –- ‘SITE DETAILS’, you can update your profile info very easily. As you scroll down, there are other features to help you customize your page including browser title, favicon, link groups, etc.

Go to ‘APPEARANCE’ –- ‘LAYOUT’, this is where you manage page layout. Free members can change mobile/desktop layouts, color schemes, and font cases. Pro members are able to update photos as page background and have access to changing title fonts and removing brand logo.

Make your appearance eye-catching and compatible to your content, which will help you drive more traffic to your sites. makes it easy for you to manage links with different types of layouts and modules. No matter you are a content creator or business owner, updating page appearance will play an important role in growing audience.

Share the link in your socials is a great place to tell your audience more about your personality or brand. Once you created a page you can use it to your social platforms to build a solid social presence and grow your audience. You could use it on:

  • LinkedIn: link to your portfolio, previous work, and social profiles
  • Twitter: guide your audience to follow you across other platforms
  • Your Tinder or Bumble profile
  • TikTok, Snapchat or Twitch bio link
  • Link on your WhatsApp status
  • Your email signature
  • Your business card
  • Posters and advertising
  • On your Github bio
  • On your Twitch stream
  • In your Soundcloud sidebar

So now, how do you add your page to your social bio? Take Instagram for example, if you go to ‘Edit Profile’ in Instagram, you will see a few tabs that allow you to introduce yourself:

  • Profile picture: make sure that it is high-quality and attention grabbing
  • Name: 30 characters, included in search
  • Username: make it easy and recognizable
  • Bio: tell your audiences some details about your brand or business
  • Website: a clickable URL under your bio description where your link should go
  • link in bio
  • Follow the same logic, you can add your page to any social media by adding the URL to your profile. This helps you build a solid social presence as your audiences are able to find you in other social platforms through

linktree alternatives provides diverse options of links including music, website, or even videos. Your page doesn’t have to be used for commercial purposes. It can just show your friends a few songs you love to listen to recently and promote communication and interaction between people! team is consistently updating more functions and features to give you better experience, so always stay tuned!

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